When Seattle’s underground became infested with criminals and rats (literally) – IT’S HISTORY

Did you ever wonder what’s under the city streets that you walk on every day? Well if you live in Seattle, you would be surprised to find out what lies underneath! Underneath the streets of the Pioneer Square neighborhood lies the Seattle Underground, a hidden section of passageways and corridors which at one time hosted an array of commerce both legal and illegal as well as shops, homes, storage and a collection of fascinating history unknown to most, even among Seattle’s citizens themselves. As a result of Seattle’s reconstruction following the Great Fire of 1889, the streets were lifted several stories above ground level for several reasons, leaving all the surrounding buildings to partially dwell underground. After only a few decades the city shut down the Underground for public health and safety concerns but some areas remained in use for various nefarious activities while the rest were left abandoned. While the Seattle Underground is now nothing but a tourist attraction, there persists a long and interesting history hidden underneath these streets, much like the Underground itself.

The Origin of Seattle 01:24
How the Seattle underground was Founding 04:39
Why the Seattle underground was plagued by criminals 07:31
Why Seattle’s underground was forgotten? 11:25
Seattle underground’s legacy 14:04

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