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Trinity College, first founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, is both a prominent center of education and a tourist destination. Located in the center of Dublin, Ireland, Trinity College alumni include Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde. The campus sits across from the former Irish Houses of Parliament, and these buildings, among several others, have given the school its distinguished, instantly recognizable appearance.

A tour of Trinity College will reveal a number of classically styled buildings and vast amounts of green space. You’ll no doubt stop at the Campanile, a bell tower and one of the standout points of the campus. We don’t recommend passing through the Campanile when the bell tolls; superstitious students believe they will fail their exams if it goes off while they’re beneath it. If you’re not a student here, or simply do not fear bad luck, feel free to laugh in the face of danger and walk beneath it while it rings.

Outside of Trinity College, you’ll find a wealth of things to do. The campus is right near Grafton Street, famed for its many shopping and eating opportunities. In addition, you should pay a visit to the National Wax Museum, or step aboard the sailing ship Jeanie Johnston, a replica of the vessels that carried hundreds of thousands of immigrants to the New World in the 1800s.

Will you walk through the Campanile?

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