The Magical Arch of Cabo San Lucas!! Places you wont want to miss!!

The Magical Arch of Cabo San Lucas!! Places you wont want to miss!! Stunning Beach Fronts, Waves, and all inclusive stays!

Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

Have you ever thought of exploring the end of this planet? If yes, then Cabo San Lucas in Mexico would be the perfect place to make your dream come true. It is said that this place is the final section of Earth and is one of the most attractive places to spend vacations. Whether you love water activities or want to enjoy adventure, you’ll find everything in Cabo San Lucas.

Today, we will discuss some interesting facts about Cabo San Lucas, including things you must know before visiting this city. So, be sure to stick around until the end to find out what exciting things you can do there.

Listed as one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico, Cabo is famous for its attractive beaches, restaurants, water activities, and much more. This world-class destination welcomes over 3 million tourists every year to enjoy a relaxing time. Cabo is also famous for being home to the world’s most recently formed sea.

It would not be wrong to say that Cabo is full of all types of water activities that you could possibly think of. Let’s start with Medano Beach where you can enjoy jet skiing or spend a relaxing time on its golden sand. But if you don’t have any problem with crowded places, be sure to check out the two top-rated beaches in Cabo: Playa De Amor and Playa Del Divorcio. These two beaches offer the most beautiful views, that’s why they remain crowded during the entire day. A surprising fact is that there are two sides with two bodies of water. One of them is in the Pacific Ocean while the other one is in the Sea of Cortez. And guess what? You can easily assume whether you are in the Pacific Ocean or in the Sea of Cortez. If you notice dangerous water waves, making swimming conditions almost impossible, it means you are towards the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, if there are calm water waves, then you are in the Sea of Cortez. This water section is a perfect choice for those who love swimming or other water activities.

Those who want to explore exotic marine life will not regret visiting Chileno Bay. Its crystal clear water makes it the best place for snorkeling in Cabo. Here, you can engage with cute water creatures like sea turtles and parrotfish. But if you love watching whales, be sure to head towards the Bay of La Paz. This spot remains crowded from October to February as marine biologists spill beans into the water. Whales pop out to eat those beans, creating a really eye-catching scene.

Scuba divers will be excited to know that they can enjoy scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas. The Marine Park here offers an excellent environment for scuba divers to explore the underwater world. Certified scuba divers can also get the joy of swimming with sea lions, turtles, and other creatures.

Water activities in Cabo San Lucas are incomplete without flyboarding. If you want to fly high above the water, be sure to engage in these flyboarding activities in the sea. You’ll get everything you need including a flyboard and other safety gear. Not just that, you also get your professional instructor so you can enjoy your time without any fear.

Hiking is another reason that attracts so many visitors to Cabo. There are many hiking spots in Cabo including Fox Canyon and Pedregal. Fox Canyon is highly preferred by tourists who love waterfall pools. However, the place in summer has lizards and coyotes, so watch out for them during your trip. But if you visit this spot in winter, you can enjoy beautiful floral blooms covering the valley. And if you head towards Pedregal, you’ll see many multi-million dollar luxury villas situated towards the mountainside. What makes this hiking spot unique is that all the roads here are made of rock and stone slabs. Walking up these switchback rocky roads in Pedregal is itself an exciting adventure. At the top, you can enjoy fascinating views of Marina Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Zip-lining in Cabo San Lucas is one of the top reasons that attracts adventure lovers from all over the world. There are many spots in Cabo where you can enjoy zip-lining during your trip. The most famous is the Wild Canyon Zip Line in Canyon Adventure Park, located 20 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas. Apart from this, there is another zipline in the Canopy Costa Azul. If you plan to visit San Jose del Cabo, be sure to check this amazing zip line offering stunning views of the surroundings.

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