Singapore City: Bustling VivoCity Mall to Sentosa Island Walk (4K HDR)

Film walked with a friend, who wore a comfortable pair of Sunnystep shoes, at the popular VivoCity mall in Singapore City. Ended the trip with a train journey to nearby Resorts World Sentosa

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Today’s Video Sponsor: Sunnystep
Sunnystep is a modern footwear brand known for its Asian fit, ultra comfort, stable support and a versatile style. With acupressure massage insoles and skin-friendly materials. Sunnystep shoes allow you to walk or stand for the whole day with no pain. It was started after the founder suffered from a traumatic postpartum spine injury and needed the most comfortable and supportive shoes. It’s a local Singaporean brand with a mission to help everyone move freely and happily. It believes that health starts from the feet and the right shoes are critical for the optimal body alignment and good health.

Time Stamps:
00:00 VivoCity – Sunnystep
00:16 Today’s video sponsor – Sunnystep
01:17 Special Thanks to Channel Members
03:56 Tangs Departmental Store
08:05 VivoCity Food Basement
14:23 VivoCity Level 2
20:10 View of Resorts World Sentosa
21:55 VivoCity Level 2 Playground Area
24:20 VivoCity Level 3
25:02 VivoCity Rooftop Garden
27:36 VivoCity Food Republic
29:50 Sentosa Express Train
31:29 Resorts World Station
33:34 Resorts World Sentosa
37:58 Resorts World Food Area
40:54 Resorts World Casino
46:50 Universal Studios Singapore

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