Problems With Conbee Firmware Update

So, I installed the new C++ Redistributable packages, especially the 64-bit one, replaced my VC11 httpd with the new one, and now it runs PHP 7 just fine. If so, try copying all the DLL’s that come with the PHP build to the bin-directory of Apache. Apache looks in its bin-directory, PHP in the directory with php.exe. Help users to become familiar with the tool and help them use it in a short amount of time. “Swap role of remote addresses in eix-remote, making the data from the first choice.”

  • If both the chip and the board support adaptive clocking, use the jtag_rclk command, in case your board is used with JTAG adapter which also supports it.
  • Either try this new file, or you can just remove that vJTAG_inst.v from your project, it’s unused.
  • The information provided on these pages is provided as-is with no explicit or implied warranty as to its suitability for any purpose suggested here or otherwise.

Macraigor doesn’t support 64-bit Windows, and that’s the only point of failure for upgrading to 64-bit for our devs. Getting OpenOCD to work under Win7 64-bit was no trivial task either! I’ve scoured all corners of the internet, including these forums, and this guide is the first that works almost flawlessly.

I want to see if I can get them to work with lan’s program. You need to use the link on my website to download the correct .net version from microsoft. It’s on the ecutuner page in the paragraph explaining that you need it. Software runs fine on windows 7 64..has also been reported to work fine on windows 8. If you copy and paste the error or tell me what it is I’ll help. To make custom changes to your ECU firmware you would do the same thing I do.

If you are using openOCD, the 1st thing to do is verify if you have a NOR or NAND memory since openOCD there are different flash commands depending on the memory type. Since I was unable to access the router’s through serial connection only jtag remains as an option. I’ve tried everything, repairing the office install, disabling and enabling the power pivot add-in, completely uninstalling and re-installing, all to no avail. Sometimes when uninstalling and reinstalling I’m able to have PowerPivot open successfully, but inevitably we come back to the above error. Approved users receive download URL in 1 minute.

Page 111: Test Settings Da1468x

However, you can modify the servo to have full 360 degree of rotation. As usual, you’ll need to “git pull” to update to the latest changes. COOL. Also im in contact with FTDI so i can just ask them how they builded it. I will also check a little more about MSVC runtime. Forgot I was using download here the old version of FTDIInterface.dll.

Purging The Internal Transmit Buffer Of Ft201x I2c

The SDK now has the ability to compute the subject’s Center of Gravity and Sway Angle if the subject’s height in MM is provided as optional computed channels. This is exposed via the bertec_SetComputedChannelsFlags function. Fixed a possible race condition where the device count being presented to the SDK consumer would be valid before the device info was fully populated. Create scripts with code, output, and formatted text in a single executable document. Adds Read pin state funcionality to previously posted Test_FTD2XX_NET_BitBang demo code.

The PoleMaster will always report its Offset value to always be 50 points higher than what was requested. Setting an Offset of 1 will result in the Offset being reported as 51 and so-on. The 64bit DLL appears to be correct and does not link against pssdk.dll. Against each listed SCS command, enter the DMX Channel (1-512) assigned to control that command, or leave the field blank if the command is NOT to be controlled by DMX. In this panel you nominate which SCS commands may be controlled by DMX messages. This checkbox provides the overall control that enables or disables DMX control of your cues.

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