Chiang Mai: A Guide to Traveling in Thailand

View our city guide video to see what it’s like to travel to Thailand. The city of Chiang Mai has it all, from peaceful temples to enthralling bazaars.

As the largest city in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai packs in a lot. There’s no shortage of adventure in this city surrounded by mountains and dotted with temples. While there is certainly a lot to see and sample, Chiang Mai is considered a slightly sleepier, quieter town than its southern neighbor, Bangkok.

Chiang Mai takes great pride in retaining its traditions. The city’s spirituality remains a significant element of the Thai culture, and the town’s countless temples help keep its religious values alive. During your adventure in this part of Thailand, make a stop at the Wat Phra That on top of Doi Suthep. Built in 1383, the sacred temple was inspired by a local legend about a white elephant carrying a relic. While visiting the shrines, take a minute to soak up the sweeping views of Chiang Mai from the top of the Doi. Don’t stop at just one temple, though; there are hundreds of others located in and around Chiang Mai.

Exploring the markets is another way to get a taste of the Thai culture, and you’ll find some great eats at North Gate, South Gate, and Marorot Market, among countless others. The night markets, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar in particular, are exceptional places to sample the local fare and mingle with the locals. Slurp up some noodles and nosh on some stir-fried dishes, or brave something you’ve never tried before—crickets and mealworms, anyone? Along with authentic grub, you’ll find touristy souvenirs, home goods, clothing, and various other goods at this market, too.

Looking to discover more things to do in Chiang Mai? Consider visiting the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. This sanctuary includes a hospital that helps rehabilitate elephants that have been abused or injured. Take a tour of the facility to see elephants taking baths, painting with their trunks, and giving rides. A trip to this organization will provide insight into conservation efforts and scientific studies of these gentle giants.

When the travel bug starts to bite, consider a trip to Thailand. Our travel guide video gives a sneak peek into the captivating Chiang Mia tours available, from temples to markets. Check out our clip and start packing for a romp in Southeast Asia.


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